Automobile Insurance

Automobile, Motorcycle, Camper, RV Insurance

Automobile Insurance premiums are based on lots of different factors, like where you live and park your car overnight, coverage’s you choose, how many miles you drive, who drives your car and whatever discounts you are entitled to. Every policy is different.

We offer Automobile Insurance with all the discounts. Groups such as AAA Motorclub, PanMass Challenge, low mileage, anti theft, pay in full, over 65, paperless policy and bills, loyalty, multi-policy, multi car, the list goes on and on. Let us give you a NO obligation quote. In many cases we save hundreds for people shopping around.

Our agency offers the good old fashioned customer service. We answer our own phones, we do your Registry work, we accept payments over the phone or in person, we help with accident forms and any other insurance form. We work for you and with you.

Classic Cars

Classic cars are a unique breed and need to be insured properly. We offer a great company to place this type of car. Many different factors come in to play in rating these cars. Things like appraised value, town vehicle is garaged in and of course the driving records of all listed drivers decide the price.

Pay Attention to Expiration Dates!

In this fast paced world it is easy to overlook some very important expirations which could prove costly. Your drivers license expires on your birthday every 5 years. The Registry no longer mails you the renewal application. They used to let you sign up for online reminders, but not anymore. It is your responsibility to make a note of this somewhere. Your license plates expire every 1-2 years depending on the type of plates you have. It is important to check your Certificate of Registration and look for the expiration date. The Registry still mails these renewals out to you, but if you don’t get one and it expires you are driving an “unregistered” vehicle. Check your inspection sticker. This expires every year usually on the last day of the month numbered on your sticker (i.e 10 means October 31st)…If you buy a new car or relocate to Mass and register, you have to get a new inspection sticker within 7 calendar days. Failure to let any of these expire could result in your vehicle being towed and impounded which results in huge towing, storage and surcharge costs.

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