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Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance is for the owner occupied home.  In most cases you will need coverage for the structure, detached structures on the property, your contents inside the home and personal liability in case someone is injured while visiting your home.  Our Homeowners Insurance policy include all of these features. Every home is different, so it makes sense to be sure your policy is custom built to your home.
Coverage’s usually include Fire, Explosion, Windstorm, Lightning, Hail, Collapse, and Burglary, in addition to many other coverage’s.  Let us tailor your policy to fit…..AND price wise, it always make sense to insure your cars and home with the same company to get the most discount savings…

Condo and Renters Insurance

Condo owners and Renters have the same exposure to risk of Personal Property and Personal Liability as Homeowners.  The sad truth is, many carry no protection.  Two major factors to consider when it comes to insuring your Condo.  Who will cover you for certain losses.  Most Condominium complexes have a master policy.  Usually this master policy will cover you for losses to the structure.  It is important to find out what the bylaws include.  You can find this out by getting the bylaws in writing.  Then you can decide what to insure inside the Condo.  Most master policies will insure the walls out only, although in some cases they’ll cover the walls in.  In every case you will need coverage for your personal property and personal liability.  It is important to find this out before a loss occurs. A Renter needs protection too!  You can usually purchase a policy for under $200 a year to cover your Personal Property and Liability.

Condo Owners

Things to consider….if there is a fire, will the master policy be enough to rebuild your unit inside & out.  What about the carpeting, cabinets, bath & kitchen fixtures, light fixture, broken water pipe that ruins your furniture…What if someone visiting is injured while visiting you….What about a burglary to your condo or an assessment placed against you by your association?  These are some of the many things you should consider.


What happens if your apartment is burglarized or worse, catches on fire?  Your landlord’s insurance does not cover your stuff.  What if you are totally burned out and have to start over buying everything from silverware to clothing?  A $15,000 policy will usually cost under $200 a year.

Other things to ponder

If you reside in an in-law you need your own policy for your stuff.  The homeowners insurance will not cover your stuff.  Whether you pay rent or not you would be considered a renter


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